My Observation Experience At The Arkadelphia Human Development Center

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Next,(section B) prior to my observation experience at the Arkadelphia human development center I would often ask myself why we had to do this observation work. I had read the book about patients with disability and I had thought that I had all the answers and I had thought I was ready to deal with any disability in a school setting. This observation has taught me that hands on experience with these disabilities was a game changer I know have seen disability up close and personal and I have seen what best to do to deal with the disability. The secret to me is how you treat the person with disability and how safe the environment is around them. We have talked a lot in class about making sure the environment is safe and appropriate for class well the importance of a clean and safe environment only elevated with students with disability. It’s important that as physical education teachers we teach to all students because we are preparing them and giving them tools to be physically fit for life. The book talks a lot about how children with disability have a higher obesity rate and some of that if not most of that falls on physical education teachers making sure that all students are included and able to participate the entire class period. I was also able to see firsthand that adapted games do work. We have played a lot of adapted games such as adapted soccer or basketball it’s the same thing at the facility they have to adapt games and make sure that everyone stays active. The…

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