Functional Communication Training (FCT)

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Functional Communication Training (FCT) “develops alternative behaviors that are sensitive to the EOs that maintain the problem behavior” (Cooper et al., p.497); EOs are establishing operations and FCT does not seek to change EOs. FCT uses differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors (DRA) because FCT interventions help the participant to create an alternative form of communication as an antecedent to the previous problem behavior. The DRA of communication provides the reinforcer that has maintained the problem behavior (screaming, falling to the floor), which provides extinction of the problem behavior and a replacement behavior that contains the same reinforcement. “FCT can be viewed as an application of mand training”
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All participants had a diagnosis of developmental delay and were receiving special education services. The interventionist and data collector for this study was the special education teacher; she was trained through a one-hour session over descriptions, role play, and performance feedback. Para’s were also trained to collect data during this study to display reliability (IOA). All sessions were conducted in the preschool center were the participants attended. Chris and Danny engaged in aggression and Pat engaged in tantrums. A preference assessment was conducted for all participants to identify high and moderate preferred items. Multiple baseline design was used across subjects to evaluate FCT with sessions of five minutes conducted 1-3 times per day, 3-6 times per week. Intervention sessions were combined with extinction of problem behaviors and DRA of communication. The study also implemented picture cards in conjunction with prompting; prompting was in the form of verbal, physical and modeling. Participants received reinforcers when they engaged in the FCT response, whether they were prompted or independent. During the study, the interventionist identified the functions of the problem behaviors for each participant, and each participant, as identified in the data, revealed the participants displayed the acquisition of the FCT …show more content…
This classroom contains a teacher desk and chair, a round table with six chairs, a hammock swing tethered to the ceiling and multiple manipulatives on the back wall on various shelves. This room also contains a functional bathroom and kitchen area, equipped with a sink, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator and various kitchen utensils. Also, the south wall contains windows across the entire wall that reach from the middle of the wall (cabinets) to the ceiling. This is a natural setting for the participant because half of his time at school is spent in this setting. The special education teacher will be implementing the intervention procedures and the special education aides, 2 individuals, are designated as the observer

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