My Motivation For Becoming A Teacher Essay

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I believe that my motivation for becoming a teacher came from familiarity in the field of education. My collegiate career by no means once encompassed becoming a teacher, I just appreciated researching and working in the laboratory, but I recognize that something was missing I didn’t know it at the time. My inspiration for being an educator came from the time I’ve spent in my church, I was predisposed by leading a bible study. I had up to that time had worked as an assistant with children’s pastor and director and been volunteering the year prior. I began to like preparing for a bible study that once the director left, I effortlessly occupied the position. This was the inauguration of my affection for working with the youth and it also helped me communicate to the younger generation.
My school experience involved me working as a substitute in the Savannah Chatham Public School System. I’ve worked with all grades in the system pre-k through 12th grade. This was before I entered graduate school this previous school year, throughout this time I gained inordinate skills and learned exactly how to interrelate to learners from all walks of life. During my time as a sub I was capable to work as paraprofessional in a special education classroom and gifted students. My family guidance would undeniably be a credited to my deceased father because he imparted me to be the greatest I could be and I modeled the way I perceived the world through him, it sometimes would be all about the…

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