Implementation Plan Essay: The Craft Of Christian Education

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Implementation Plan
As a sophomore at Dordt College I am being called to pursue a degree in education and eventually become a Christian, education teacher. Through this education course of learning environments I have learned much about what it means to be a teacher and more importantly, what it means to be a Christian teacher. God has called me to purse the field of education, not only as a occupation, but as more than that, Van Dyk describes in the book, The Craft of Christian Teaching, ways in which individuals are called to be teachers and what that entails. “For a Christian teacher, teaching is always much more than merely a job.” (Van Dyk 2000) It is not just implementing devotions, chapel periods, and prayers or even being a Christian.
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A year ago I wrestled with choosing and changing my major and now the Lord has given me peace about it and I know that the Lord has been working in my heart and my life to prepare me for whatever lies ahead. Teachers are equipped to follow through with their task by God and this task requires a response. I know that God The office is a God appointed place it is where God has called his people to serve him. Teachers have the responsibility as the have been called by God to serve others using their gifts and what they have learned. While I am in office I will respect those who have authority over me, such as principals, parents and possibly other …show more content…
Technolgy can be a great way to bring God’s gift of creativity into the classroom to help build His kingdom, “Our urge to invent things, to create technology, whether it be to solve problems or just for the fun of it, comes out of that God-imaging, creative impulse. Technological ingenuity is part of what it means to be human, and any good theology of technology will take that into account” (Perera, 2007). Some great technology inventions or resources that are great are: google, tablets, chrome books, blogs, survey monkey, interactive educational games, numerous educational apps, Prezi and many more! I could use google slides to group presentations or google docs to do group or individual projects. I could even arrange for emailed pen pals so that my students can reach out locally or even globally to other students. For reading I could use an app that Mrs. Maassen showed me at an observation at Orange City Public School called Lexia. I could use it to asses where students might have missed things in earlier grades in

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