Pros And Cons Of Cooperative Teaching

Implementation Plan
As a sophomore at Dordt College I am being called to pursue a degree in education and eventually become a Christian, education teacher. Through this education course of learning environments I have learned much about what it means to be a teacher and more importantly, what it means to be a Christian teacher. God has called me to purse the field of education, not only as a occupation, but as more than that, Van Dyk describes in the book, The Craft of Christian Teaching, ways in which individuals are called to be teachers and what that entails. “For a Christian teacher, teaching is always much more than merely a job.” (Van Dyk 2000) It is not just implementing devotions, chapel periods, and prayers or even being a Christian.
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I hope to integrate cooperative learning into my classroom, knowing that it can be a redemptive activity. As the pendulum swings, classrooms are now becoming more homogeneous, because of this there is now more tracking and grouping. There are both pros and cons to this shown in debate between pro ability groupings, anti-ability grouping, pro-tracking and anti-tracking. Through my observations at various classrooms this semester and each one is different, not one of these methods is a “one size fits all.” In class there needs to be a balance between different types of instruction. As a future teacher I understand that students all have something to offer in the classroom and collaborative classrooms help to develop those gifts, talents and differences. Giving children a sense of belonging in cooperative learning encourages community, motivation, relationships and a positive, safe, accepting environment, rather than individualism or isolation. I will build strong relationships with my students by getting to know them well I will build responsibility and respect with my students to build trust. “Our children are not empty containers, but unique, gifted, contributing image bearers of the Lord, precious in his sight and to be treated with the utmost respect.” (Van Dyk 2000) I want to take Mrs. Breen’s enthusiasm for teaching and her structure in her class room that I observed earlier on in the year. My mom who also happens to be a teacher has given me insight and tips on what it truly means to be a Christian teacher and how to implement it in various aspects of the classroom and learning through the use technology, reading groups, and collaborative whole class projects. My mom has been able to share her struggles and her accomplishments with me and that has been a blessing. I hope that I will be able to be a similar,

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