My Mother Is My Grandmother Essay

875 Words Sep 20th, 2015 4 Pages
In life, everyone has a grandmother. Childhood and life of each person not the same, so grandmother also different. No matter what happens to me, memories of her grandmother and the grandmother 's name from the most sacred things that I keep in my entire life with her, the women in my life important is my grandmother. She was my pride and she is also in principle affect my life from childhood to now. I have a whole childhood memories associated with her that until now and the future I will never forget.
My mom has 3 children, my brother, me and my young sister. That’s why I live with my grandmother when I was 2 years old. I slept with her, so I grew up from the singing lullabies of her. I remember when I was 3 years old, somebody ask me, “Where is my mom?”, I didn’t know who is my mom and I said, my grandmother is my mother. Because, at the moment all my time I just saw her, she take care me, hang out with me, be side me,… So I thought she is my mother.
She very loved me, when I mistake she taught me how to distinguish the right and the wrong, she gently taught me everything. She talk with about the poor, and she wanted me to share and help them. Because, in my country a lot people no food, no money, no job,… She also guide me to do housework. She said, she taught me to be useful good for my future. I still remember, every morning when I wake up, I would hug her from behind and then I was smell the distinct aroma of her. She did not use perfume, but she always have sweat…

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