Essay about My Mother By Maria Emerita Menjivar

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My mother is Maria Emerita Menjivar, daughter of Pascual Lopez and Andrea Orellana. Emerita was born in small town in Chalatenango, El Salvador and moved to Nueva Concepcion, Chalatenango. At the age of 30 years she gave birth to me. I was born in July 24, 1998, in Nueva Concepcion. My older sister’s name is Tatiana Menjivar and she was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. In my early childhood I moved residence three times before I was four. My grandparents, which I consider my parents, were present since my birth until my departure. A couple of weeks after I turned five years old my mother abandoned me along with my sister in my grandparents house. I can remember pretty well the last moment I saw her, and the lie that I was given. I was living with my sister, who at the time was thirteen years old, and my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I began early education in “El Kinder”, when I turned six my sister followed my mother 's footsteps, and left to the United States. I can remember very well the color, and the shape of the car in which she got in and left. In the following years I had no one other than my grandparents, and extended family to lean on. My grandfather and grandmother took me as their kid, and raised me the best they could. I became the right hand of my grandfather by learning all the kinds of jobs necessary to grow crops, and to maintain livestock. At the age of 9 I could do everything in the farm by myself and I was trusted with it. I…

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