My Memories And My Life Essay

1383 Words Jul 1st, 2015 6 Pages
“When writing the story of your life, don 't let anyone else hold the pen.” When i wrote this i had to really think about myself. Sometimes its a good thing but i know for a fact that i held the pen. No one else defines my life and i create what is happening to me. I created all of my memories and my likes and interests. In the next 6 paragraphs you will find out about my life and what i have created with the pen of my life. So lets move on to my personal traits.

There are many personality traits that I and others around me say that I have. I am generous, energetic, and very talkative. When I was little my grandpa use to call me generous Kendra. I say this because I always put others before myself, My brothers friend was over one time and dropped his food which was the last of dinner. My brother wouldn 't share his so I have his friend mine. When I get up in the mornings its like I wasn 't even asleep. All of a sudden poof, full of energy. I can get ready for my day within 10 minutes as well as feeding my animals and all that fun stuff. Every summer I volunteer somewhere new, Last year I volunteered at a farm, before that a hospital which was a lot of running everywhere and this summer I 'm volunteering at the manor. I like working with people and listening to what they have to say, I like the public. I can talk for hours with them, I also have a job as a cashier so I have lots of practice talking to everyone and anyone.

I 'm interested in many things like musical…

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