My Love And Passion For Educating Youth Essay

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“My love and passion for educating the youth all started with a single high school course,” says a current Kinder Care teacher, Candace C. Pinckney. At Thornwood, the high school Candace attended back in 2007, they provided a Child Development course. In the class, first semester, the students learn the required book material including; essentials and methods to properly care for children at various ages, children’s tendencies/ common personalities at certain ages, the milestones and development of children, and much more. The second semester, Thornwood’s school daycare would open, providing services to families in the community. The students were put into different groups and the groups rotated from four different jobs. The four jobs were the observer, the assistant, the teacher, and the planner. The observer quietly observed the children through a one-way window. The observer was to take notes of the children and could not interact with them. The assistant took attendance for each child, helped the children hang their belongings in the cubbies, played with the children, guided the children to their lessons, and assisted with mealtime. The teacher obviously taught the children their planned lesson that correlated with the theme of the week. Finally, the planner planned their lesson to teach the children the next day. “When the toddlers graduated from the Thornwood preschool, a range of emotions went through me,” Candace said. “I did not realize that I was going to miss…

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