Reflective Essay: Writing Is Harder Than You Think

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Writing is Harder Than You Think
My writing process is not the best and it can be improved in many ways. I procrastinate until I really have to do it and then I get lost and I still don’t know what to write. Writing essays has never been my favorite so the writing process has always been hard for me. My writing process is not what I want it to be but I plan to make it better by stop procrastinating.
First I receive the assignment and I think about what I’m going to write about. When AJ assigns our essay I think about all the possible subjects I could write about that will go with the topic. Usually a 100 different things come to mind but once I start writing I go blank. Even when I brainstorm about the subject and write everything down nothing
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When I start my final paper my first concern is how many words I have written. I never have enough words for my final paper and it stresses me out. I never can think of more words to add without getting off subject. Once I have enough words written then I start revising and editing my paper. Revising and editing is the hardest part about writing an essay to me. Even though we do writing drills in class I still have a difficult time editing my paper and other peoples. I look through my tip advising books that include: commas, apostrophes, fragments, and tenses. When I have no one to revise and edit my paper besides me, I put my paper through editors on the internet and they usually give me useful information. Once I do the revise and edited my paper, I read through it a dozen times to make sure it sounds like I want it to. When I read through my essay I want to write it a million different way because nothing sounds right. After the mini anxiety attacks I turn in my paper into blackboard and start praying for a good grade.
My writing process might seem terrible now but I’m working on it. Hopefully before I graduate college I can write an essay without even stumbling over my process and procrastination. Even though writing isn’t my favorite thing due to me being a communications major I need to get used to it. After writing this essay my procrastination is my obvious than ever. I enjoyed this topic because it pointed out my flaws in a much need

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