Reflective Essay: Improving The Writing Process

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Throughout my work this semester I have had a chance to improve on my essay skills and my own stylistic approach to my papers. Although I have been successful in my works this semester, I think what I mostly improved on was the writing process. My progress with the writing process was tested when it came to our group essay. I could normally get away with cutting corners with the writing process on my own, but with a group the process was necessary. I found that working as a group through these steps with assigned tasks made it easier for me to complete them. As we completed each step, the more I realized how helpful it was when attempting an essay.
When first coming up with the idea for our topic, I thought we needed to focus on something we could directly relate to. When deciding where to go to college last spring, I was seriously considering community college. My decision was between Ole Miss and Orange Coast College, my how town’s community college. Because I had my own personal battle with 4 year college’s vs community college, it seemed like a good topic to do more research on. As a group this was hard, considering the fact that all three of us were attending a 4 year University, notably, we did not let our biases get in the way. As we
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The importance of each step was clear when working with other people. Now I understand how much easier it can be to write an essay on my own with the proper preparation, by working in it with a group. With how much work that goes into a research paper, it was good practice to break down the make if the essay, especially when combining multiple pieces of work. The writing process is something that I will keep working on in my future essays. I think the reason my group did so well on our paper is because of the process and the multiple perspectives that my group

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