My Life With The Medical Field Essay

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Throughout my life, learning more about the medical field has consistently secured my decision to pursue this path. Initially, my mother sparked my interests. After immigrating to the United States and passing her Nurse-Licensing Exam, she has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, exposing me to the medical field at an early age. She would often tell me, “The most important aspect of my job is helping my patients by advocating for their individual needs.” The compassion she displays towards her patients continues to inspire me today. Her example has encouraged me to follow my ambitions and seek out a profession that provides a sense of fulfillment.
Growing up, I developed a passion for science, particularly biology, understanding life from its most basic form to complex organisms. This interest led me to pursue a degree in Human Biology, in which I learned that medicine is a combination of multiple fields that I already enjoyed learning about. Each subsequent class began to fill in parts of the larger medical puzzle, further increasing my interest in what is yet to be discovered in medicine. Consequently, I pursued a laboratory research position during my sophomore year, studying the effects of air pollutants on asthma exacerbation. Over the past year and a half, in Dr. Li’s lab, I assisted with each step of the research process from partaking in the design of the experiment to integral analysis of the data. I developed and mastered skills such as discipline,…

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