My Life: The Four Stages Of The Water Cycle

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I am a water molecule there are four stages to my life also know as the Water Cycle, these include precipitation, evaporation, condensation and sometimes absorption. Most of these stages happen to me on a daily basis. I am a very important part of the living world, as most living things need me to survive. When I am in the Water Cycle I normally come down from the sky through precipitation and condensation. This involves being brought down through snow, rain, or hail. Once I precipitate from the sky I am usually absorbed or evaporated into the ground or another living thing that has digested me. While in the absorption phase I am quenching the thirst of plants animals and humans I can also be poured down into rivers, lakes, and ground water. …show more content…
Plane 0 took off without a hitch! However, it was airplane O not airplane 0 we needed to board. Plan 0 took us right back to the clouds! My husband and I were greatly upset and ready to give up. However, we decided to get on a plan and try it again. We got on one more plan that would take us to our final destination. However, as we were on plane we collided with a strong storm and had to jump off the plane where we landed into the ocean! After jumping into the ocean we decided to sit and rest where we become absorbed back into the air and into the clouds. After that adventure my family and I decided to drive down Soil park. We got into our car and traveled down on our way down from the cloud we decided to stop and look at the lake, the sight was beautiful! My family and I rush to the car to make it down to Soil park before dusk. My husband tries to start the car, but all we hear is zzzzzzzzzzzz OUR CAR WOULDN’T START! WE WERE STUCK BY THE LAKE!

After 3 days and 800 dollars we were ready to go we drove and drove until finally we were at Groundwater C! We were half way there! For lunch we went and sat by the lake, this was a big mistake as we were swimming in the lake after lunch my son was sucked up a duck! My husband and I joined him as we rustled and rustled through the ducks system and finally came out the “other end”. We then drove and finally made it to out destination Soil Park! It was beautiful seeing our friends and we had quit the story to tell!

After 2 days we boarded into our car went back to the groundwater and back to the clouds, talking and appreciating our adventure. Boy what an adventure we

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