Essay My Life Story Of The Night She Flew At Campus

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Tara got early excepted into the college of her choice and she could not be more excited; however, she would need to leave her old life behind. Her boyfriend, family, and friends would all stay in her small hometown while she would travel across the state to her dream college to start a new life. Her boyfriend Dylan, planned that once he graduated high school, he would go to the same college as her. Tara was okay with it but knew that maintaining a long distance relationship would be hard. The night she arrived at campus, she was overwhelmed with the immense opportunity and all the new people. On the first night, Tara met Nathan, the head of the school 's fraternity, at a party. She was instantly drawn to his high social ranking and charming personality. They hit it off at the end of the night but nine months later,they had a baby named Britney. Nathan told Tara that if she told anyone who Britney 's dad was, her social life would be completely over.
For the next two weeks after Tara arrived back to campus from the hospital, she was too afraid to leave her dorm room. Tara believed there would be people outside her room ready to throw eggs at her and make fun of her because she was a teen mom with an unknown lover. Then classes started and she needed to leave her dorm room. Since Tara went to a huge school, the only way everyone heard announcements was by in every class they played them on the TV. The first announcement since Tara went into public, was all about her one…

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