My Life - Original Writing Essay

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After my father died, mom and I moved in with a guy named John. Who later had my brother Tyler with my mom. He had a son named William who is also my second cousin because my mom is related to John’s first wife. We called him J.J. I’m not going too far into this, just filling in some spaces. During my 8 years in this house I was abused in a number of ways, considered a second class child, and as well as having a bad father figure, I seemed to have no mother. She was never there until the day we moved out. She let them tell her she couldn’t raise her own child. She didn’t stand up to them when I needed her. In my head she is as much to blame as them. She did drugs and drinking for a while. I just don’t like her all too much. She finally started to try and be an actual mom when I turned 16 but I didn’t need her at that point and I still don’t need her. I get so angry when I see or hear things like, “She’s your mother you have to love her.” “She’s family!” Because you have every right to hate a family member if they have wronged you. She never understood and I don’t care if she ever gets it because whenever I did bring it up she would get pissy so eventually I said frig it. Now in the future, since I’ve moved away from my mom we’re becoming closer and slowly the resentment and hate is fading away. She’s not the only one to blame but I can’t give her that satisfaction I have never been good at being sappy in front of the adults in my life.

We’re going to skip forward a bit to…

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