My Life In My Childhood In The Chronicles Of Narnia

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As a child, I spent most of my time in my mother’s wardrobe. Since I was a very active child, I used to love climbing the cupboards; taking random clothes and accessories (which weren’t mine, by the way) and wearing them. I actually had a lot of fun, but when my mom came back home, she would always find her wardrobe messy and me sitting in the pile of clothes with a sheepish grin. She would just smile at me brightly, and laugh. There were a lot of clothes scattered around the floor, but me and my mom would clean it up very quick. We just folded it nicely and placed it on the shelves. The wardrobe was clean in about five minutes. But unfortunately, all the hard-work was gone to waste, since the next day, the wardrobe was messy once again. I …show more content…
It was closely shrouded in black velvet tapestries that hung all over the walls, falling in heavy folds upon a red carpet of the same material. The wooden cupboards were huge; they reached the ceiling. As I was small, I couldn’t even reach for the handle of the cupboard and open it. I was interested in what was being kept behind those white wooden doors. Was there simply nothing or was a fully different world hiding in the cupboard like in “The Chronicles of Narnia?”
I formulated a plan quickly, and moved a chair to the wardrobe. I climbed the chair and got closer to the handle finally. I finally pulled the door open and the rich odor of my mother’s perfume filled my nose. I loved that smell so much - it was very unique and always reminded me of my beautiful mother. It was a heavy smell of the lilac, or more precisely, the perfume of the pink-flowering thorn.
My eyes lit up with excitement as I saw a lot of different clothes: colorful dresses, jackets, trousers, skirts, scarves, and shirts. Even if they were over-sized for me, I still tried all of the outfits on. When I put each outfit on, I felt like a different person each
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It was a green strapless dress and I would wear green shoes with white puffs on the toes. Tinkerbell was a fairy, so I never forgot to put the wings on my back. I would pretend that I was a fairy, which was quite a funny sight to see.
I will describe one more favorite outfit of mine, so I won’t bore you to death.
My most favorite outfit is definitely the outfit that my mom wore once. I touched the silky, soft material of an evening dress and pulled it out from the wardrobe. And I found some high heels in the corner, and placed them on. I stumbled a little, but managed to get the hang of it quickly.
I wore the evening dress, high heels - but there was something missing. I completed the outfit by putting on a crown. Now I definitely thought that I resembled my mom. I would run around in that dress happily, I wouldn’t even take it off - even when I damaged the dress a little.
Honestly, the wardrobe is one of my most favourite memories out of my childhood. Whenever guests came over at my house, I would always pull out out a dress from the wardrobe and put it on. Sometimes, I would be a princess. The next time I would be a

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