Essay about My Life At The Age Of 16

1938 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
As you were growing up how would you describe it? All fun and games, with no worries at all? Going to school making friends and going home telling your mom all about it and seeing her smile because how happy she sees you. As a child you go with the flow, you really don 't know exactly what is going on but you confide in your parents and they are to know what is best for you. But do all parents know what is best for the children? Do they know what they are doing to them when they put their girls in pageants? I myself been in pageants at the age of 16, I do it on my own without pressure. It was one of the best experience I had, I broke out of my shell and became a better woman. I was 16, I decided to do it. There are infants in pageants that have no idea what their doing, same goes with toddlers. It 's just completely putting your child through such damage. Having your daughter think that only beauty and winning is everything. Women are already objectified within the media. Now with pageants that just makes that much more worse, how attractive they are is judged harshly. They are to conduct themselves in a way that would please the audience. That exactly what these little girls will grow into. They would feel as if their natural beauty will never be good enough, there will always be something to fix to look better to others. Just as Sharon Witt had said more than 25% of girls in Australia have admitted that they want to completely change everything about themselves. The…

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