Essay On Pageants

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to have breast enlargements is not right because they are still a child. No one at a young age should ever have to have work done to themselves to make them feel pretty. In 2013 a 6.1% of high school students admit to taking steroid pills or shots without a doctor 's prescription at least once during their lifetime so that they could excel in pageants (ProQuest Staff, Body Image Timeline). December 1st of 2010 there was a study that preschool girls have been confessed that being thinner is better (ProQuest Staff, Body Image Timeline). At such a young age no kid should be worried about their weight and look they should just be living a fun childhood with no worries. In march of 2012 the National Eating Disorder Association reported that 50% …show more content…
The people that are in charge of the scholarships are just giving out false information. In all reality, at the end the amount of scholarship money is way less. People may think that going to pageants is to fun and makes for great memories , but it just consumes a lot of wasteful time. The time that was wasted on pageants could have been used on tips, trips with the family. Going on a trip instead of going to pageants is way less stressful and a trip would give a way better experience. People believe that pageants give women a reason to have to get all glamored up. There is no need to get all dressed up and fancy a pageant. Go to a wedding instead it is a lot more fun and relaxing. Instead of spending a lot of money and time on a pageant. Pageants give women a reason to feel beautiful and good about themselves. Everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin and not have be in a pageant to feel beautiful and good about themselves. Pageants also give a great show for the world to see and gives the world excitement says people who love pageants. But, publicity turns the facts around and twists words to make contestant sound bad. The amount of money does not matter it is all for a good time. It is all a huge waste of time, money and

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