Essay on My Life As A Teacher

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As a future educator, it is very important to be able to determine where you came from and what you are striving for. Many people come to college not aware of what they want to do or of their goals for their future, but I have always known. As an educator it is very important to know what you are aiming for and what got you to where you are. I have known basically my entire life that I wanted to be a teacher for many different reasons. I have been influenced in many ways during my eighteen years so far and many of them have pushed me to follow the path of teaching. I have many goals I would like to accomplish as a teacher and I will try to create a legacy while teaching my future students. I have always wanted to be a teacher, even as a child I would constantly read to all of my toys and pretend they were learning from me. I am the oldest out of three in my family and immediately after my younger siblings were born I would beg my mother to let me care for them. My entire life I have been hearing that I am such a big help and that I am so good with the younger children in the family: I could not get enough of it. I loved the satisfaction of knowing I was helping others. Throughout my schooling I had amazing teachers but I also had terrible teachers. There is no worse feeling than struggling in a class and thinking no one cares enough to help you. I knew that I would do anything to show students that I am there for them even when they are having a horrible time.…

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