Unit 12 Science Experience Assignment

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Science Experience Assignment

Student Name: _Raquel Diaz______________________
Erupting Apple-Volcano Preschool Learning Foundation Science Strand:

2.0 Changes in Nonliving Objects and Materials
Preschool Learning Foundation Sub-Strand(s) and Age of children:

Age of children: 3-4 years old

2.1 Demonstrate awareness that objects and materials can change; explore and describe changes in objects and materials (rearrangement of parts; change in color, shape, texture, temperature).

Vocabulary words connected to learning:
Observation, Baking Soda, Vinegar, Physical Science, Record, Substance, Volcanoes, Apples.
Materials needed:
1. Tray to catch the fizz
2. Apples
3. Baking Soda
4. Vinegar
5. Knife to carve out the hole (adults)
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Give an example of what happened and how the children responded to the experience
They all screamed, “WOW,” when they saw what happened after pouring vinegar directly on the apple, the top part of the apple came off.

b. Give one example from the experience that showed the children were at this developmental level for the sub-strand you chose.
A child said, “Look, bubbles,” when we poured the vinegar on the apple. In addition, she said, ”The bubbles tickle my fingers when I touch it.” c. Give one example of children’s reasoning based on your open-ended questions.
I asked, “What are you observing?” He said, “Bubbles are coming up.” What do you think is making the bubbles?’ He said, “By mixing the vinegar, and baking soda, makes bubbles.”

3. What would be the next step for this group of children based on your observations of the learning? How can you deepen learning for them?

They will demonstrate an increase awareness that objects and materials can change in various ways. I can deepen the learning by reading books about apples, volcano’s, and perhaps, create an identical experiment with a different fruit, or a pumpkin; this will give them an opportunity to see the difference it will make. Possibly using a different type of vinegar, or seeing if anything happens to an apple with vinegar only. Or using water instead of vinegar, therefore they can see the effects on not using

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