My Life As A Teacher Essay example

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According to my mother, I was six years old the first time I told her what I wanted to do with my life. “I want to be a teacher when I grow up!” I said to her, and I’ve been saying it ever since. I had a brief flirtation with marine biology in sixth grade, and with psychology in tenth, but in my heart I’ve always remained faithful to my one true passion: teaching. When my high school guidance counselors began asking about my career goals, teacher was always the answer I gave them, because despite fluctuating interests throughout my childhood, I could never really see myself doing anything else. Though it took a long time for me to decide what I wanted to teach, that vision of myself standing at the front of a classroom of eager students has never wavered. I’ve always been passionate about learning, and I’ve always loved to share the things I learned with others. I used to set up classrooms in my bedroom, attended by stuffed animals and Barbie dolls, and teach them everything I’d learned in school that day. This urge to share knowledge led naturally to tutoring my peers in middle school and high school, assisting them with their homework and helping them study for exams. Watching the look on a person’s face when you help them finally understand a problem that has been giving them difficulty is one of the best feelings in the world. To that end, I am applying to masters programs for teacher education, with the intention of acquiring my teaching license. The subject I am…

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