My Life And My Grandpa Essay

1290 Words Sep 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Life can change at any moment either for the better or for the worse. Sometimes life can knock you over and it’s up to you to get up and pick your head up and keep moving forward. Last January my grandpa passed away and it was a really hard funural as well as a hard time in my extended family’s life and my family as well. My grandpa had lived a wonderful life and had influenced many people, he was an incredibly hard worker but still found time to be with his family. My grandpa was named Nathan Hill and was born in Victor, Idaho at a young age his mom passed away giving birth to his younger brother and shortly after that his father died in a logging accident. All of the kids were sent to live with different relatives, that was really hard for my grandpa because his best friend was his older brother and all of the sudden they were being sent to different cities to live in. That was a devastating blow to my young grandfather, because he was going from living on a farm with all his family to moving to a small house in Victor with his grandpa and grandma. My grandpas grandfather was a good man but was very hard on my grandpa and worked him very hard. He would make sure that my grandpa had a very full schedule of chores and tasks to complete before the sun set on the valley. My grandpa always had chores to do and there was no excuse good to get out of them, sometimes school was not even important enough to get in the way of chores. Grandpa had got in a little attendance…

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