My Life After High School Essay

1062 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Right after high school, instead of having to worry about what college I was going to, what classes I needed for my career, or even what career I planned on pursuing. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and my plans to attend college came to a pause, because we were hit with a little surprise that would change everything. When we found out about my pregnancy, my husband, Edwin had to go straight to work to provide for his soon to be family. Without any further education besides his high school diploma, there was not much he can expect in a job. He didn’t anticipate a high pay job with no degree, but at that time it did not matter as long as there was income coming in for us to plan a future with a baby on the way. As luck would have it, Edwin landed a job in the oilfield industry, which was great financially! Physically it was tiring, long hours, and dangerous, but the pay was nothing to complain about. As soon as our son, Elijah, arrived, we had no worries. Edwin had a good paying job, where I was able to stay home and raise our son. Which then should have I had realized to take advantage of that time staying home and take some college courses. One day everything went sour, we went from being able to enjoy a mini vacation and spoiling our family with materialistic things, to having to budget, because Edwin was diagnosed with valley fever. While Edwin stayed home to recover, I completed my certification of nursing assistant, where it pushed me a bit to continue school.…

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