Graduation Speech: What Has High School Taught You?

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What has high school taught you?

So this is what everyone 's been ranting and raving about since I was in 6th grade? Yes high school is a great place where you start to really see how the world functions as a whole and how truly beautiful some of the people in it are, but it 's also one of the hardest times to go through as a maturing young adult. I would like to take you on an adventure to show you how high school has gone for me year by year so that you can see my perspective and how I have changed to become the person I am today.
To begin let us start with the dreaded and extremely unlikable start of my high school career, Freshman year. This was the year that I went from being the loudmouth obnoxious 4’10 pubescent little (mind my language)
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I spent hours upon hours on the internet researching things such as how to start conversations with people that I didn 't know, what to talk about, how to keep a conversation going, and other simple things like that. Even though by now everyone else already knew these things it was all for some reason new to me. In an attempt to broaden my horizons I started to talk to new people even if it was just simply saying something like “hello” to someone I knew in the hallway. I was determined to get out of my shell and gain enough courage to start interacting with the people around me and the more I did this the more I found myself wanting to explore the minds of the public and figure out what made each and every person profoundly distinct from the next. But none of this mattered, I still didn 't have any friends and I still found myself wishing to escape from the only person I can 't get away from, myself. I spent my days after school playing basketball and watching a lot of tv. The sad thing was, was that because I was lacking friends in real life I decided to turn to those on the plasma screen that hung on the wall at the end of my bed. They did everything that a person in real life could do and more. I found myself bursting out in uncontrollable laughter and even at times in tears, if people didn 't want to be my friend in real life I wasn 't going …show more content…
Without knowing it all of the time I spent watching tv was actually beneficial, it helped me progress by teaching me jokes that I willing share with others and by drilling many valuable lessons into my head that I probably wouldn 't know until later in life. This has helped me spark the interest of others and no longer do I have to waste countless hours staring at a screen to find friendship as I so desperately seeked. I 've learned that if you want something that you have to take it. If you want friends go get some. If you want a better future for yourself make a plan and do it. The only person that’s going to stop you from becoming whatever it is that you want to be in this life is yourself and that is perhaps one of the biggest lessons that high school has taught me. No longer can I blame others for my unhappiness, I have to take a deeper look into the person behind the mirror and realize that I don 't have to change to find what I want I just have to learn from my experiences and continue to grow as an individual, then and only then will I be able to actually find happiness in it 's purist form. Because of this I guess I can say high school wasn 't all that bad! We’ve shared some good laughs and some amazing experiences that we’ll definitely never forget but I 'm ready for my knowledge of life to be expanded and for my morals to be pushed to their limits in the next part of the process called growing up in order for myself

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