Personal Narrative: My Style Of Leadership

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Leadership is an ability that everyone can demonstrate, some people are naturally born with the talent, and others can acquire the talent by learning and practicing the skill. There are various components that contribute to forming one’s leadership style; no two leaders have the exact same style of leadership. Investigating one’s leadership style requires that each person examine various aspects of leadership to see where their strengths and weaknesses of leadership lie. Of course, sometimes leaders need to adjust their style of leadership to fit the situation that is presented to them. Being a leader is challenging, exciting, and rewarding, and carries with it many responsibilities (Northouse 1). The definition of leadership to me is the …show more content…
Climate is the atmosphere of the team or organization. A positive climate is always preferred, one that is supported, appreciated and encouraged for their roles in the organization (Northouse 171). As opposed to a negative climate which there is no structure, people do what they want, and have no cohesiveness. After evaluating this skill set I discovered that my strengths are building cohesiveness and my weaknesses are providing structure and clarifying norms. I will improve these two areas by engaging, capable co-workers is more challenging work, so that I can see their strengths and abilities. I will also review the code of conduct with employees to make sure …show more content…
Because of this influential dimension, leadership carries with it an enormous ethical responsibility (Northouse 261). Ethical leadership is made up of many elements, some being character, actions, values and goals. Actions are defined as the way a leader achieves goals, how a leader uses goals to motivate others reveals a great deal about the leader’s ethics. My ethics evaluation resulted in family and truth being my top values; I feel that these two words say a lot about me. I value truth, I expect people to be truthfully, and in return I pride myself in being the same way. Family is undoubtedly the most important thing in my life, not just my immediate family but my work family. As a result of my evaluation I do realize that I should develop a personal vision statement, I do plan on investigating this idea and attempting to creative a vision

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