My Leadership : My Five Key Foundations Essay

716 Words Jul 12th, 2016 3 Pages
For this project, I chose to talk about ‘My Five Key Foundations’ and in doing so I conducted a self evaluation regarding my strengths developed through some of my life experiences. As a response to the question, I came to the realization that coming up with these traits allowed me to determine areas of my personality that I could work on more, in addition to the areas that I feel content or strong with. For example, my positive and optimistic personality is a strong foundation to have, but in realization of this trait, I realized that I could work on having a more realistic perspective. In addition to being optimistic, I also talked about my extraversion, open to experience mindset, systematic workflow, and goal-driven personality.

Through choosing my topic, I considered the fact that I really wanted to identify my competencies and the combination of traits that made up my personality. In answering the question, I engaged in a brainstorm exercise where I took a blank sheet of paper and drew out a map of all the different extracurricular activities that I used to be in, and am currently involved in. From there, I linked these activities to certain skills that I believe that I have gained as a result of being involved. In addition to those specific accomplishments, I also thought about my interests and what they have shown to me as a person. For example, my love for hiking has represented my openness to experience and exploring new places. As a matter of fact, I continually…

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