Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Transformational Leader

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There are many challenges to being a leader. Being strong, but not rude; proud, but not arrogant; kind, but not weak. A leader has to recognize their weaknesses more often than their strengths in order to grow. Through the modules of Course 15 and NCOA-ILE, I have learned that I am a Transformational Leader with room for improvement in the Transactional areas. Within the next 3-5 years, I hope to be a more adaptable leader who adjusts my leadership influence to better fit the situation with my subordinates, peers, and supervisors. As it stands now, all three of these groups probably see me as an intelligent and personable supervisor who is a nice guy. Within Module 5, the Adaptable Leader, the Chapter of Full Range Leadership Development …show more content…
As it stands now, I generally go off the cuff in counseling my subordinates and mentor them based on my perceptions. However, to become the adaptable leader I wish to be, I would need to take the time to Diagnose, Adapt, and Communicate. Understanding my subordinates’ current situation and foreseeing the possible futures and then adapting my style of approach to better communicate to them is a weak area of mine. I believe I am in the Team Leader style of approach but within the next 3-5 years. I definitely need to warm up to the idea that at times I will need the Authoritarian approach (especially being a Military Training Instructor). My subordinates will need to see me be more assertive and stern instead of the nice guy. This goes for my peers and supervisors as well so they can see me as a truly adaptable leader who ‘adjusts fire’ to fit the needs of the situation or circumstances, and better influence my unit towards the objective. It would take a shift in power influence as mentioned in Module 7 to better accomplish …show more content…
The A-I theory is all about self-awareness and understanding how a leader approached situations around them. Through self-assessments, I found that I am mildly innovative. Armed with this knowledge I know understand how I operate and an out-of-the-box type thinker and how this might cause others to see me as chaotic or not one for rules and regulations. I’m sure many of my adaptor subordinates see me as the ‘not so typical’ MTI and may be perceived, again, as the nice guy. My peers at Basic could view me unconventional whereas my supervisors see me as a catalyst for change- bad or good. With knowledge of the A-I theory I know how I am and how others may see me, but at the same time, I am armed with the knowledge of how others in the adaptor realm operate and I hope to be that adaptable leader that uses that knowledge to be a better leader. Knowing others’ cognitive style can assist me in leadership influence, power approach and style, as well as negotiations. Self-awareness and self-improvement will help me become that overall adaptable leader I want to be in 3-5 years. A leader who knows himself, his Airmen, the situation, and how to go apply all styles and behaviors for mission

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