My Leadership At The Pajaro Dunes Residential Weekend Essay

1786 Words Dec 4th, 2015 8 Pages
My leadership journey started a long time ago, when at the age of four I began to realize that my youngest brother was looking at me as a role model. He was mimicking everything I was doing and saying. At this young age I didn’t understand the tenets of leadership but I understood that I had to set an example because someone was following me.
Since then, I further developed my commitment to helping people to excel, providing guidance with necessary and collaborating with people. My journey passed through many significant stations, one of the most formative being the Pajaro Dunes Residential weekend. I learned a lot about leadership and its practices; I related my leadership style to the five practices. Most Important, I learned a lot about myself and how did the people see me and how did they assess my leadership skills.
The LPI report was an awakening moment for me: it indicated that the leadership practice that I applied the least was to Inspire a Shared Vision. When I deeply analyzed the report and went through the observers’ evaluations and answers, I discovered that I didn’t talk enough about the big picture or share my vision for the future with others. I tended to make a lot of assumptions that people saw what I saw, instead of asking questions and seeking nice insight. Although the report was initially shocking, I made a commitment to learn from this feedback. After this weekend, I had already developed a plan of action to become a better leader, and to Inspire a…

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