My Journey At Hirsch Bedner Associates ( Hba ) Essay

800 Words Sep 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Not returning in the fall to Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) will be quite a change for me. My almost 6 months at their Atlanta office has made me quite comfortable in the environment and has allowed me to develop close relationships with many of the designers there. My journey at HBA started back in March when I was given the opportunity to temporarily manage their library in place of their permanent librarian who was expecting her first child that April. By using my time there as internship credit, I was able to dedicate up 16 hours a week at HBA. About half of my time was consumed with organizing and updating the library. By doing this, I became familiar with new, emerging materials and various ways these materials are applied in the built environment. Another benefit of this task was that it allowed me to become familiar with many prominent brands of each type of material. I was also in charge of corresponding with local representatives about their products. This often meant scheduling a time that they would be able to give a presentation to the designers to introduce their new product. Other times, I would work with the representatives in the library in order to update their permanent material. My three months in this position allowed me to meet and establish relationships with a multitude of people responsible for providing HBA with such a large variety of product.

While my time in the library was invaluable, it was not until my induction into a full time, 11-week…

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