My Internship At The Co / Max Holding & Realty Inc. Essay

1313 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout my internship at the Co/Max Holding & Realty Inc., I was involved in various tasks as my supervisor provided multiple assignments with specific deadlines. As an intern in the real estate industry, I was responsible for accomplishing some general duties in order to make it easier for the agents to operate their daily schedules smoothly. I prepared market analyses, kept records, while updating and maintaining the computers’ software. In addition, I would assist the agents in transaction coordination as well as the process of creating events such as open houses. In most cases, I would receive emails, run errands, and stay close by to assist when needed. On the other hand, I was allowed to attend appraisals in order to understand the process of how real properties are valued beforehand. Overall, the assignments and projects were not highly difficult, but time consuming, especially when multiple tasks were assigned at once. In brief, the activities at Co/Max Holding & Realty Inc. were an experience for me to improve and to get an insight on the real estate industry.
My supervisor, Mr. Sam Sadeghi, would continuously send me emails with attached files. The emails included files such as valuations, previous transaction lightings, layouts, or printable memos for the weekly meetings. The emails would contain excel spreadsheets or word documents that required me to print and make copies for either our clients or our employers. The agents would report to me via email at the…

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