My Interest On The Social Work Essay

756 Words Mar 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Daniel Alvin Sayas Jr
Social Work Major
University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point

My interest in the Social Work Major emerged from personal experiences of life in an impoverished household. Early on in my childhood, I was exposed to a wide variety of instances in which a social worker was needed. My father and mother never married and separated which left my brother and I under a visitation schedule implemented by the local justice system. My mother later left my brother and I while was only ten years old and this carried a great emotional toll on my life. My father was then granted custody and although I still had a home, I lost one of the two important people in my life. The pain my mother caused me was only cured by a loving father and a school social worker. Although my father had been poverty-stricken, he worked his hardest to provide for my brother and I. My father instilled values of hard work and inner strength early on, so I could be everything he wasn’t able to be. The school social worker helped me realize that my mother leaving wasn’t because of anything I did as a child. She showed me that I was still loved and capable of overcoming any obstacle presented before me. It was in that moment I came to value the mission statement all social workers embody.
My goal in the social work field is to become a social worker for families and children. Social Work to me is a necessity in today’s society. Helping individuals in the community overcome obstacles and hardships is…

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