My Interest For Children With Disabilities Essay

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Growing up I always enjoyed helping children with disabilities. My interest for children with disabilities began when I was about two or three because my mom always brought me into her school to play. The disabilities at her school ranged from simple learning disabilities to Down Syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral Palsy. My interest quickly turned into life long volunteering and now what I want to major in. The reasoning behind me getting into education is due to the inspiration from my mom, my high school teacher/coach and the children I babysit.
For about the past 20 years, my mom has worked at Bush Early Education Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Bush is a preschool for children who have special needs; although, they do accept children without special needs as well. Every since I was a young child, my mom would always bring me into work. I essentially grew up at her school; when I wasn’t at school, I was at her school. Her teachers were very welcoming and always allowed me to come into their classrooms to play with the other kids. I knew most of the kids were different than I was; however, I never treated them any differently. As I got older, I began helping the teachers at my mom’s school; making examples of arts and crafts projects, laminating, cutting things out, and making Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Books became an everyday task for me. Everyday that I was at my mom’s school, I learned more and more about different disabilities and different ways to…

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