My Initial Assessment Of Assessment Essay

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My initial experience of assessment prior to the start of the course was extremely limited due to the airports training department normally performing all training and assessments. After completing initial training I would then perform assessment on learners via form of small test papers on various subjects to form an overall assessment of their abilities.

My learning for the training sessions was mainly through the BOOK TITLE HERE as well as various internet websites regarding the different types of assessment and which worked best for different candidates or environments.
Topics included, but were not limited to:
• Strengths and limitations of different assessment methods
• Initial assessment, how to undertake initial assessment and what problems can be encountered if good initial assessment is not completed
• What Formative assessment is
• What summative assessment is
• Holistic assessment and what problems may be encountered if holistic assessment is not used
• The risks that may arise during the assessment process and how to minimise them
• Standardisation procedures and practices
• What records have to be completed for each assessment
• The importance of continuous professional development

I felt that researching these subjects surrounding assessment gave me a greater appreciation of how to conduct effective assessment. In particular holistic approaches and standardisation practices were areas that I thought I could apply to the assessment process to make my…

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