My I Had Never Learned My Own Literacy Journey Essay

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I can honestly say that I had never really given much thought to my own literacy journey. Going back in time to find out what that journey looked like was very complicated. I am taking some of my mother’s memories, mixing them with some of my own, and connecting the dots. To do that, I felt that I needed to share more than just my discoveries about my literacy journey, I also need to share some background information.
My mother and father were in a car accident when I was five years old. That accident ended my father’s life, and substantial injuries hospitalized my mother for somewhere around six months. During that time, my siblings and I lived with our grandparents in Sheboygan and that is where I began kindergarten. I have scattered memories of that time.
My grandparents had spent a lot of time without anyone else living with them, their patience was short, they didn’t read books to us, and they often slipped into their other language, Slovakian. There are times that I can remember wondering what they were saying. Now, I wonder if that second language that I did not understand, had anything to do with my initial literacy struggle.
My mother remembers reading to us, but it was not something she did every day (J. Yde, personal communication, November 12, 2016). Before my father’s death, we were a family that traveled north every weekend and spent our days outdoors. During the week, both of my parents worked factory jobs, and put in long hours. There wasn’t time for them…

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