Essay on My Great Grandmother 's Party

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Loud laughs, heavenly smells of bacon and biscuits, front doors banging open and slamming closed, and shrill, childish screams greeted me as I woke up early one summer morning. The sweltering Louisiana heat wave kept most people locked indoors, but not us. For today was a celebration, my great grandmothers ninety-second birthday. This event brought the whole family together from extended cousins to step aunts and great uncles. As a child, I lived for the moments where we’d all gather in the living room and exchange childhood memories and random phrases of wisdom and reflection. However, today was different. Today, those memories were shared by dozens of people at my great grandmother’s party. Each person she impacted in her nine decades spoke about the positive influence she had on them. Out of all the tear-inducing speeches, my mother’s resonated with me the most. I hear her stories from when she was younger every summer when the family gets together, but today it was different. Maybe because I’m older, maybe because I was about to leave for school. Her story goes a little something like this.
As a child, it was always the summers I looked forward to. Not because school was out and I no longer had to deal with homework, but because I could spend my days with my grandmother, Momo. Every morning my two brothers and I woke up early, so that our mom and dad could drop us off at Momo’s house before they headed to work. The minute we stepped into the house a strong sweet aroma…

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