Descriptive Essay About A Great Grandfather

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The one and only story that I have heard about my great grandfather has been retold to me so many times that it is almost thought of as a fond, personal memory, despite the fact that I was not even born when it took place. It was the day of my mother and father’s wedding, and the entire small town of Daingerfield, Texas had shown up. The wedding was an outdoor affair, complete with a local band and a homemade dance floor. The air was full of the sound of live music, the tap dancing feet of the younger couples on the dance floor, and the chatter of elderly ladies, all of whom seemed to be taking advantage of the endless champagne fountain to get up-to-date gossip. The tables closest to the stage were empty -due to the excruciating loud speakers my father had set up for the band- except for one lone, older gentlemen, who appeared to be quite content. The man had a distantly uninviting aura to him, similar to a foreigner taking part in an unfamiliar holiday, which seemed to say he was used to being alone and he was just happy to be invited to such a jubilant event. My father recognized him as my mothers …show more content…
Wanting to assimilate into American culture as quickly as possible, Eskesen immediately started teaching himself English by going to matinées and forcing himself to watch the same show over and over, until he knew every word (Malone). While his way of learning was unconventional, Eskesen was eventually able to become conversional in English, which really shows his respect and dedication for becoming an American citizen. After work in Hollywood dried up, Eskesen briefly moved to Seattle, Washington before hearing about the great opportunities for blacksmiths willing to work in

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