My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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Everyone has family and almost everyone has some grandparents or step grandparents that they see or visit, including me, I have two grandparents left. Both of them are grandmas their names are Monica Provost and Marlene Tauzell, who is my step grandma. Grandma Marlene I do not see a lot maybe once to three times a year because she lives in the cities with other relatives, while my Grandma Provost I see all summer but she leaves to California for the winter with my mom’s side of the family that lives there. Our Grandma Marlene is 79 and is very active in getting around, is socially active with her church, and does some volunteer work around her community. Marlene moved away from us and closer to her family when grandpa died and now lives in the cities a few hours from us, her relationship with the parents varies because she likes my dad most of the time since he is her step-son and for some strange reason doesn’t really like my mom even though she calls and checks on Marlene more often than dad. Although she gets along with my sisters and me very well and enjoys making Potica, which is Slovenian bread. My Grandma Marlene is financially stable since she gets paid for some of the work she does and also gets paid from the military since her husband was a vet and started a bank account for my sisters and me when we were young and every year would put some money in it and kept telling us to save it up. My family tries to be close to our grandma Marlene but in all actuality…

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