Essay about My Goals For An Organization

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Your position in the organization:
I am the Director and founder of this non-profit organization called Helping Hands’ Ministries.

Your personal/professional goals in regard to the organization:
My professional goals for this organization is to have at least one branch in each state. I want this agency to grow in order for it to help reach kids and adolescents who are in need and support. I want to make sure that if there is a possibility of reaching a child, I want it to be done.
My personal goals would be that as long as I reach at least one kid with my organization that is all that matters to me. If I can change my person’s outlook on life that would make all the work I have done mean something.

Your objectives in regard to the organization:
My objectives for this organization are to allow kids and adolescent youth, of any race, to have a place where they can have support. This is a place where kids can get help with homework, tutors, learn valuable skills for life, and ways to prepare for college, just to name a few. This organization is supposed to be like a second support system for kids who may not have that in their lives. The purpose and sole goal of this organization is for youth to feel as though they have a separate family that will understand them and help them in life.

The Organization’s Strategic Plan
What are your organization’s goals and objectives to fulfill its mission? State the mission and overall goals for your organization. Then consider the…

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