My Goals At Central Lakes College Essay

810 Words Jan 20th, 2016 4 Pages
I would personally like to spend the vast time here in college studying and taking in the incredible amount of knowledge being laid out and provided for me to absorb and learn from it while doing so to help me be successful in my future endeavors. My goals at Central Lakes College are quite simple to outline. I want to work strenuously and maintain a high GPA to be able to graduate with honors so I am able to achieve a more accomplished future transcript to carry forward to my subsequent place of schooling. I 'm compelled to do the necessary recommended courses, but also seek courses that peak my interests and help satisfy my desires to gain knowledge and become a more well educated person in doing so. I have the intention of attending classes here at Central Lakes College on a daily basis, all while spending long hours studying afterwards. When I am not studying or attending class I will be busy working and in my downtime at work I intend on using that time to study when I gain the chance.
My goals at Central Lakes College are to gain my AA degree with honors and to continue my educational journey transferring to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities location. With the intent of furthering my studies in the noble quest of fulfilling my grandest dreams and desires. I picture myself acquiring my bachelors there and continue on to a master’s degree in the pursuit of a doctorate or possibly skip the master and push straight for my doctorate degree, whatever the university…

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