Essay on My Future Career Plan For Enter The Graduate Labour Market

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It is important to reflect on how you have prepared to enter the graduate labour market in terms of the steps taken so far to facilitate future goals. These steps will consist of previous work experience gained, previous qualifications gained, previous skills gained, previous extra curricular activity undertaken and previous hobbies. By analysing these past preparations, we can consider the appropriate actions to undertake, this would enable an individual to maximise their potential not only throughout the rest of the academic year but also in the graduate labour market. By always wanting to better yourself and devising a plan on how to achieve this, you become a more accomplished person in the short-run and a more employable person in the long-run. In this essay, I aim to outline my future career plans, showing the various steps taken so far on the road to my final goal as well as devising an action plan on the next steps to take consisting of future study plans and vital experience that will enhance my development. I will also be highlighting the various knowledge and skills gained from the ‘Developing Academic & Professional Skills 2’ module and indicating how I am planning to apply this knowledge in graduate labour market. Finally, I will conclude with the differences and comparisons between where I am, where I have already been and where I want to be in the future with the purpose of showing development and ambition.

Firstly, in order to describe my future career…

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