My Future As An Early Childhood Educator Essay

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This essay will be an informative, critical and thoughtful reflection on past learning experience in the program and what these reflections inspire me on my future as an early childhood educator. Two highlighted learning experiences will be described in relation to corresponding teaching standards. And there will be reflective discussions on how to support chidlren’s learning and needs (especially special/additional needs) and how to build positive relationships with colleagues and families more effectively.

Having learned in early childhood education field for almost two years, there are two experiences that impressed me most and made me think deeply.
• Working with children with special/additional needs
During my first placement, there were two children with additional needs in the room and one child with Down’s syndrome in the next-door room that shared the same outdoor area with my room. In my room, a little Chinese girl named Ellie(alias) was under diagnosis process of autism. And since she was just transferred from another center, she was in her transition process. Another young boy named Alex(alias) was in a family with two mothers. Unfortunately, his mothers were going to break up so he was quite unsettled in emotion and behaviors at that time. While Cami(alias), the boy in the next-door room, was a little bit delayed because of his disease.
Working with these children were challenging for me at first, however, after two weeks’ observation and…

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