What Are The Different Stages Of Development In Child Development

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This current semester I had the opportunity to do a project that allowed me to visit one of my friend’s family to observe her three girls. I observed her three daughters to see how each one of them is developing. I was fortunate enough to have three different ages that are at different stages of life. One just started school, the other one is not in school yet and the youngest was born less than a year ago. It really opened my eyes to how two year differences can really impact the stage the children were at. The first thing I did for the project was determined what I wanted to do as my topic. I flipped through the entire Child and Family Development textbook and found the only one that I felt was applicable to me was observing three children using …show more content…
I learned about another source that I used from a meeting with professor and it was the developmental milestone from Center for Disease Control. My project is applicable to the Child and Family Development class because my project studies the different aspect of development for a child. It shows how the different stages of development that a child experience as well as how other factors can contribute to the child’s development. One of the sources I used to determine how well each child was developing is from the textbook and it was the main source that I used when I was observing the three young girls. I started the actual observing part of my project by going to the family’s house and interacting with the children. I spoke to each one of them and observed how they acted with their mother, each other as well as myself. The first child I observed was Child A, which is the 9-month-old baby. She was the first one to come to me and she was so curious about the items I brought with me. I let her look through my stuff, and I marked off on the checklist the items that I felt she was showing. Some of the activities that she did while I was there was play peek-a-boo,

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