Essay about My Friends Come And Go Throughout Your Life

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Moving South

Friends come and go throughout your life. My best friend, whose name is Mary, and I have a strong fifteen-year friendship. Mary and I went through the toughest and most painful experience together the summer of 2010.
My dad came home from work right after I came home from school. He came to my mom and I with terrible news. “My company is shutting down and they want to transfer me to the Pennsylvania location.” Millions of thoughts went though my head, “What about my family?” “What about all of my friends? How am I going to survive without them all?” I went through kindergarten, elementary school and up until 7th grade with Mary by my side. How would I make it all alone with her being six hours away?
Not having your best friend everyday by your side as you’re starting new and important chapters in your life honestly sucks. It hurts physically and mentally. Being a teenager and having to be separated from someone who is like a sister to you is possibly the hardest thing two friends can go through. Many believe that once separated for so long, there no longer will be that strong bond between two, but in this case, we were totally different.
In the summer of 2010, Mary helped my family and I pack up all of our boxes. She came along for the ride in the moving truck to help me to be mentally stable, and to also help unpack and get us settled into our new house. She spent about two to three weeks with me until she had to leave and go home. This is when it truly…

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