My Friend Adam And My Cousin Andrew Essay

1009 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
This is a story about my older friend Adam and my cousin Andrew. They were both fairly mischievous as children, And they decided that they needed weapons to play cops and robbers effectively. They also wanted to make armor they told me, but apparently grandpa didn 't know how to make wooden armor sadly. They told me of their adventures when they were just kids, Running around the woods getting poison ivy. But eventually they struggle through their challenges and reach their goals. On a gentle summer afternoon around 15 years ago, a young boy named Adam and his friend andrew were at the height of their misfit adventures. Adam and Andrew had a big plan, they were going to make their own wooden guns to shoot each other with. They had no idea how to carve wood, let alone make anything useful. Firstly they needed sticks and like smart people, they ran into the woods alone. As they got deeper and deeper into the woods, little would they know that they might just succeed in their dream as they picked out their own huge sticks. This was what my Cousin Andrew told me, and as far as I know this is exactly what happened. “I want this one.” Said Andrew. As Adam looked at the stick carefully Andrew ran back into the woods to look for more sticks.
“Looks good but where-” And when Adam looked he was gone. He let out a sigh and added it to the pile, following him into the woods. When he finally found him he was halfway up a tree.
“What are you doing!?”
“I found a perfect stick!” Yelled…

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