Compare And Contrast Cherokee And Shoshone

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In a small village in Tippecanoe Indiana, there was a mother who was about to birth a set of twins. The mother's name was Cheyenne and the two boys names were Apache and Shoshone. Their father, Cherokee, was the leader of the Iroquois tribe. A couple of days had past and the two boys, Apache and Shoshone were born. The two brothers were always challenging each other since day one. If one started to crawl the other tried to walk before him, the two boys would always wrestle and fight and it would always be an equal outcome. Cherokee was very very proud of how his boys were so competitive with each other and everything they did. On a very hot sunny day in the middle of the summer a couple of years later, Cherokee had went on an adventure into …show more content…
Apache and Shoshone, who were now young men at this point of time had began to be anxious about their father. The two brothers decided to follow the trail that their father had taken to find him, so they got their gear and everything they needed together. On the new adventure that the brothers had taken they had became extremely bored, so they came up with new ways to keep them busy. One of the new things the discovered was to get a rock and a thick stick, with these one of the boys, Apache, would stand back and throw the rock while Shoshone hit the rock with the thick stick. After Shoshone hit the rock into the woods and something very mysterious happened. The rock was thrown back out and rolled onto Apache’s foot, so the two boys went to go check it out. When they got to where the rock had came from nothing was there. Then out of nowhere came a voice from the sky saying, “ My strong, beautiful boys, me and my men had passed due to cold, I am so sorry I couldn't fulfil your needs and be there for you. It is time for you two to go back and be leaders and lead your tribe. Take what you have learned from your adventure and take it back to the tribe. I am so sorry I can't be there anymore but I love you boys.” The boys took the journey back home shook about what they had just saw, they couldnt decide to be happy or sad. Apache and Shoshone made it back to their tribe and told them everything they learned, including the new game they had found which was so called, baseball. They got the tribe together and had nine players on each team, they used fur for the bases and started to make new and improved bats out of the sticks. That's how baseball came to

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