Differences Between Native American And English Settlers

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Native American life in the 17th century was greatly stirred by English settlers as they began to establish colonies in the new world. The people of Jamestown, one of the first successful colonies, deeply affected the Native American powhatan tribe. The initial interaction and conflict between the powhatan tribe and English settlers created a hostile tone for future encounters between Native Americans and English colonists. These conflicts led to subsequent difficulties regarding land, famine, disease, and war. The English settlers greatly affected the powhatan tribe which ultimately led to future conflicts.
The emergence of English settlements led to a decrease in Native American land. Native Americans were closely linked with the land that they lived on. They did not believe
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The native americans soon realized that more english were going to arrive. In order to protect what they had, the native americans struck back, which led to an uprising in 1622. Throughout the years, more uprisings, battles, and wars took place. For example, in 1637, the Pequot War was fought between the English in the Massachusetts Bay colony and the Pequot indians. Another example is King Phillip’s war, that was fought as Indian attempt to drive out English settlers. Due to conflicts between the English and the Native Americans, wars were fought over land and sovereignty.
In conclusion, the English settlers greatly affected future relations with Native Americans due to conflict with the powhatan tribe. The conflict set an overall negative and harsh tone that deeply affected the Native American. Their lives were taken away to fulfill the lives and needs of the English settlers. Overall, the Native Americans were treated poorly. The conflicts that occurred between the Jamestown settlers and the Powhatan tribe set a tone that ultimately transformed and changed the lies of the Native

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