Essay about My First True Memories - Original Writing

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It was a cold, sunny October day in 1981 when I was born. My mother was in labor for 8 hours and the doctors kept insisting that I was not ready yet, by the time that they finally really checked I was on the verge of falling out onto the floor. I do not have much reference for the first couple of years of my life as is typical. I do however have photos to look at and boy was I an adorable baby my hair would stand straight up. I have been told that back then I did not know a stranger and would talk to anyone about anything at all. The first true memories that I can recall take place immediately following our move from Alabama down to Hollywood, Florida. This is the time of my first visit to a hospital I got a hold of a picture hook and swallowed it so I had to go to the emergency room and have x-rays taken to make sure that I was ok. The next real memory that I have is the Fourth of July and the neighbors giving me sparklers to play with and then bread to feed the ducks behind our house. We had a lake behind the house we rented and there were ducks all over the place. According to my mother she looked outside one day and saw the ducks surrounding me and closing in as though they were going to attack so she had to come and rescue me. Unfortunately, no matter, how much I liked that house nor how much my family liked it the people that we were renting from refused to sell it due to the fact that I was there and it was an adult neighborhood. We never could figure it…

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