My First Trimester Of Senior Year Essay

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As I scrolled through the course catalog for my first trimester of senior year, I searched for courses that would fit with my passions and senioritis. I was pretty much finished with a lot of my requirements for graduation, so I wanted to take classes that interested me and involved most of my passions. I took a mental note of a few of the classes I would definitely want to register for: Advanced Drawing and Painting, Latin American Studies, Western Feminism… and the list went on. I continued this process of selecting my classes until I came to a pause. Existentialism. That seemed different. Not only was I completely unaware of what existentialism was, I was originally intimidated by taking any class that I could hardly pronounce the name of. Figuring existentialism would go completely over my head, I scrolled past it looking for other classes that would be more laid back and fun—since it was my senior year. As I filled in all of the courses I had selected to the registration sheet, I noticed that there was one slot empty. Frustrated, I searched back on the catalog for an easy elective I could just fill in, but something drew me back to existentialism. I figured I could at least give it a chance by reading the course description.

Existentialism (Honors): Looking for the answers to life’s big questions? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence? Through the analyzation of different existential philosophers we will be reading, you can soon start answering these…

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