My First Part Of My Autoethnography Essay examples

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The third part of my autoethnography is about my academic work after graduating high school, and the plans I have for the future. I was 18 when I was at my last year of high school. I did not have too many friends in high school, as I like to keep to myself. Even though I did not have too many friends I still did not study much since the classes seemed easy to me and I thought that passing a class was enough, so I did not focus on my GPA. As the education system Turkey requires, I had to take an exam in order to be placed in a university in Turkey. In Turkey, as with many other countries around the world, having a college degree from an institution in USA gets you ahead of people that had a degree in Turkey. Knowing this I wanted to go to a university in USA. Due to that I did not take the university examination in Turkey too seriously. Still I was able to score higher than most of the people in my school. At first, my father did not want me to go to USA to study, so he asked me to go to a university in Turkey first, and then if I still wanted to go after a year he would allow me to. Although he did not say it directly, I got the feeling that he did not want me to go to USA because he would miss me. I did as he asked and got to a school in Istanbul with full scholarship. I was majoring in American Culture and Literature. I live in the city of Izmir in Turkey so I still needed to take a plane to go back and forth to Istanbul, but as the flight takes only an hour (compared…

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