Personal Narrative Essay: What If You Are Adopted?

You Are Adopted
I always find it fascinating in movies and books when a family finally tells his unsuspecting child, “Son, you are adopted!” Almost inevitably the child begins to cry and gets angry for a while, but later realizes that his family still loves him the same, bringing smile to his face. He feels happy, which as a result, makes his family happy, and all leads to a happy ending. This was the case for me, except, I wasn’t angry nor did I cry; I was adopted and that was my happy ending. Adoption does not always need to have a bad connotation attached to it. It does not have to mean that the child was unwanted or uncared for -- sometimes, it’s simply a sad but true reality of life.
Moving from Nigeria to the United States, I adopted many new things: new ideas, a new lifestyle, new friends, and a “new” family. My family in the United states wasn’t actually new, I just never met them before. I came from a part of the world where most dreams come to an end and where a great mind has no way to blossom because of the lack of money, support, and resources. According to the United Nations, Eighty million people are living below the poverty line, 61% of people are earning less than
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Shortly before he died, and on his sick bed, he spoke to my mom on the phone and told her that he would prefer to use the money she sent him for medication and hospital bills, to pay for mine and Tumi’s school fees. She said that my dad kept insisting that his children had to be educated. “My children will go to school Mowa, they must be educated.”. I do not think my father ever imagined that I would ever have the opportunities that I’ve been afforded thus far. In applying to college, and preparing for this new phase in my life I will adopt yet another new thing. I will adopt my father’s fierce desire for me to be educated. And for me, in this country and at this time, I still believe in my happy

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