My First Month At Western State Hospital ( Wsh ) Essays

916 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Much of my work during my internship thus far has been behind the scenes, mostly finding suitable placements for patients on the active discharge list. Therefore, my one on one interactions with patients has been minimal at best. However, thinking back to my first month at Western State Hospital (WSH), I remember a patient who was having trouble with being discharged. Before, I go on about this case, one should be aware that I never worked with this patient what so ever on a one on one basis. Thus, being prior service I felt this connect with this patient because he too prior service. The patient was at WSH because he was experiencing psychotic symptoms relating from his combat injuries, he suffered when his parachute failed to deploy properly causing a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Afghanistan. As I read the patients biopsychosocial, I became more aware of the issues surrounding the patient, as well as, reading about how prior to the accident the patient lived a very healthy active life and was even apart of the Special Forces “Rangers” in the United States Army. The patient and I had similar military backgrounds with me too being an Army Ranger, and medically discharged because of injuries sustained while in combat. Knowing there was a fellow service member in need of help, lit a fire in me. I began to ask Mike more questions about the patient and learned more about the barriers he had for discharge. Mike described the barriers the hospital was having with the Department…

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